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Lose Weight With Food Combinations

Food Combining Helps You Lose Weight


increase metabolism 1 Awesome Trick to Lose Weight

Do you like food? Are diets miserable because you are always hungry and always wanting more? This can crush your weight loss motivation. Food combining may be the was to fix your problem of defeat.
The 1 awesome food trick you need to know about is food combining. There are simple guidelines to follow when combing food. If you follow these you will lose weight and shrink your tummy. The theory of food combining is based in food science. Different foods digest at different rates and this is the trick you need to understand.

What You Need to Know

Proteins and carbohydrates digest at different rates. So, eating them together is bad. Proteins require an acid environment to digest properly while carbohydrates need a base environment. If you eat them together digestion is slowed because there is a digestive confusion that occurs.
Essentially, the enzymes that create the ideal deal environment for either proteins or carbs cancel each other out. This causes more food to turn to fat than it would when the right conditions are present for digestion.

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What's Food Combining is All About?

It all has to do with controlling your insulin. Insulin is the fat storing hormone. Hormone imbalance is the main reason for weight gain. If you can get your hormones under control then you can control your weight. When you eat the wrong types of foods in the wrong combination, your insulin increases and so does your fat. Staying away for toxic foods is key.

What Increases Insulin?

Sugar increases your insulin. Many foods you eat every day put you on a hormonal roller coaster. The bad carbs cause your fat storing hormone to spike. These are foods rank high on the glycemic scale, a scale for measuring the impact of sugar. A lower glycemic index is always better.

Every carb you eat breaks down into sugar. The higher the food is on the glycemic scale the more hyperglycemic you become. This is bad. It slows your metabolism and creates fat, more specifically, belly fat. Whole foods in their natural state have a lower glycemic index. The more processed a food is the more likely that it will create a surge of sugar in your system.


Foods' Glycemic Ranking

To increase your metabolism, you have to increase the amount of foods you eat that rank low on the glycemic index. Glucose itself has a ranking of 100. This is high. This is you barometer as you read down this list. Glucose impacts weight loss. That's why it's important to know about.
  • Beer 110
  • White Bread 95
  • Honey/Jam 90
  • Popcorn 85
  • Potatoes 70
  • Pasta 65
  • Bananas 60
  • Brown Rice 50
  • Whole Wheat Pasta 45
  • Oatmeal 40
  • Dairy Product 35
  • Fresh Fruit 35
  • Beans 30
  • Dark Chocolate 22
  • Green veggie less than 15

Food Combination Plan

There is no one, exact formula that can be given for successful weight loss and diet motivation. It all has to do with you creating a digestive environment that works for your body chemistry by following the provided guidelines.

Divide the foods you eat into four categories

  1. Proteins and fat
  2. Veggies
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Fruit.

Elimination List

  • High starch foods
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar.

Everything on the Elimination List will hinder the acid/base balance in your digestive system. If you have a hard time cutting these out completely, moderate these. Taking them in once a week or by slowly decreasing the use of them may be a good option. Personally, I think it's easy just to go cold turkey, but figure out what's best for your weight loss motivation.

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Guidelines for Food Combination for Weight Loss

  1. The advice of the Elimination List
  2. Consider selecting foods higher in fiber
  3. Always eat fruit on an empty stomach
  4. Eat Proteins and fat with veggies only
  5. Eat Carbs with veggies
  6. Never eat carbs with proteins and/or fats
  7. Give yourself 2-3 hours before switching from a carb meal to a protein/fat meal
  8. Eat at least 3 meals a day
  9. Eat until you are satisfied (not stuffed)
  10. Never skip meals

Fiber: Friend of Foe?

Your new best weight loss friend is fiber. Fiber has no nutritional value, but it helps in the maintenance of digestion and helps eliminate fats from your system while increasing the movement of food through your digestive track. Without it there is a toxic build up in your colon. Less nutrition is absorbed of the foods you do eat, and you hold what should be eliminated from your body way to long, increasing the threat of cancer. Remember, fiber is your fat shrinking friend with benefits.

Selecting the Right Carbohydrate

There are good carbs and bad carbs. When selecting carbs, think high fiber, high water content. Carrots are dense and are sweet. They have little water and more sugar than other options. Celery has lots of fiber and lots of water. This means carrots are higher on the glycemic scale than celery. Although carrots are not terrible for you celery would be the better choice because it will not increase the level of insulin in your body the way carrots do. High fiber, high water foods increase your metabolism.

Importance of Water

Your last consideration is increasing your water intake. 75% of your body, right down to the cellular level is made up of water. This, too, has no nutritional value, but maintains healthy digestion. It eliminates toxins, decreases acidity, and boosts your metabolism anywhere from 3-11%. Drink half your weight in ounces each day. If you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water daily. Before eating in the morning, drink a glass of water to increase your metabolism before you eat.

Food Combining and Weight Loss

Keep in mind, food combining is not an exact formula. Everybody's body chemistry is different, but if you adjust your food intake to following the 10 guidelines listed above, you will notice an increased metabolism and you will lose belly fat. Your weight loss motivation will benefit because you will see results. An increased energy level is a bonus.

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